Company Profile

head office

SWAN Environmental was established in 1988 by qualified and experienced professionals from various fields of environmental science. The company name, SWAN is an acronym for Soil, Water, Air & Noise. We believe in providing technology solutions for the customer's need to monitor and measure the quality of ambient environment.

managing director

It all started in the pursuit of making our environment purer and healthier by deploying the best quality monitoring & measuring equipment. Over the past three decades we have improved our technology coping up with the rapid changes in the quality and rising concerns for a healthy environment.

swan group

Swan has grown from strength to strength with ever increasing product line to become the market leader. To meet the diversified requirements, SWAN formed four different group companies, with a special attention to serve the Industries/Institutions more efficiently and in a focused manner.

Various industries which are satisfactorily using our products fall into: Agriculture, Aquaculture, Cement, Chemical, Coal, Food & Feed, Oil, Paper & Pulp, Petrochemical, Pharmacy, Power, Steel, Wood etc.

training center

Our strength is our experienced and dedicated quality professionals working passionately towards the company's vision and mission. Swan Environmental Pvt. Ltd. has been ISO 9001:2015 certified for maintaining standards in Quality Management Systems to meet the customer requirements & thereby generating customer satisfaction, consistently.

iso certificate

We have the strategically located head office at Hyderabad, wherein full-fledged Marketing, Sales, Engineering, Order Processing, Servicing, Training facilities are present. The regional offices are located at regional metros viz., Chennai (South Region), Delhi (North Region), Kolkata (East Region) and Mumbai (West Region). Further, the branch offices are situated at different parts of the country viz., Ahmedabad, Assam, Bangalore, Baroda, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Korba, Lucknow, Nagpur, Pune and Roorkee. Apart from this we have many dealers at prominent industrial zones.