UV Nitrate Meter for Coastal / Sea Water

UV Nitrate Meter for Coastal / Sea Water

Based on the ISUS (In-Situ Ultraviolet Spectroscopy) technology, the UV nitrate meter is developed at MBARI. Satlantic adapted the design to measure nitrate in increasingly challenging waters, including extremely turbid and high CDOM waters.

With improved optics and built-in adaptive sampling intelligence, the nitrate meter measures nitrate in the water with industry-leading accuracy and stability over a wide range of environmental conditions, from blue-ocean nitraclines to storm runoff in rivers and streams.

The nitrate meter is the ultimate solution for real-time reagent free nutrient testing. The wide range of optional features and factory calibration offered for the nitrate meter makes it a cost-effective choice for routine water quality tests.


  • Optional reduced 5mm pathlength for improved performance during high fow/high turbidity storm events
  • Adaptive sampling logic automatically tunes the optical operations to real-time environmental conditions for high CDOM applications
  • Active fouling control with fully integrated biowiper, ensuring accurate and stable long-term data sets, reducing the need for site visits
  • Advanced processing algorithms, using the full UV spectrum for maximum accuracy across the entire sensing range
  • Freshwater & saltwater calibrations
  • Optional internal logging and scheduling
  • Optional USB connection to PC and MAC for data download



Chemical-free solution for autonomous monitoring and profling of nitrogen-based nutrient concentrations in:

  • Lakes and rivers
  • Coastal estuaries
  • Drinking water reservoirs
  • Agricultural drainage systems


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