Phosphate Sensor for Coastal / Sea Water

Phosphate Sensor for Coastal / Sea Water

It is a wet chemical sensor engineered for environmental monitoring to enable valid, scientifically defensible results that lead to better management recommendations. A NIST traceable on-board standard, factory calibration check, a 2.3 µgP/L detection limit, and an accurate calibration mean you can trust data, line up grab sample records, and swap sensors with minimal offsets.

Autonomous operations, low-power, five month reagent stability enable extended deployments in remote locations. Over 1000 samples between services, up to four samples per hour and both SDI-12 and RS232 permit capturing higher frequency phosphate data than before.

QC flags have been developed to speed up troubleshooting and provide confidence in data quality and uptime. With this sensor  you can know that your instrument is operating properly and justify your data quality, so you can spend your time analyzing what the data means.


  • Accurate- Nanomolar resolution and scattering insensitive optical cell.
  • Robust – Reagant lifespan of 5 months and greater than 90% uptime.
  • Advanced Fluidics – Data quality resistant to high oxygen levels.
  • Onboard Quality Control – Real time QC flags to speed up troublehsooting.
  • Each instrument is factory calibrated and ships with a NIST traceable check standard



For continuous or real-time measurement of dissolved phosphate in:

  • Lakes and reservoirs
  • Streams, rivers, channels, or canals
  • Estuaries

Ideal for monitoring for:

  • Point and non-point source nutrient inputs
  • Environmental dynamics and change


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