Personal Air Sampler

Personal Air Sampler

AirChek TOUCH (5 to 5000 ml/min)


The SKC AirChek TOUCH air sampling pump is the first personal sample pump with color touch screen navigation. Ultra-quiet and tough AirChek TOUCH provides extended flows from 5 to 5000 ml/min and high back pressure compensation for all your IH applications. Programming continuous, timed, and intermittent sampling is easy — no instruction manual needed. A powerful Li-Ion battery provides long run times. Charging, calibration, and PC communication are made easy with all-in-one cradles. Use AirChek TOUCH with DataTrac Pro Software for time-saving pump and data management.

The AirChek TOUCH air sampling pump is UL Listed for intrinsic safety.


  • Extended flows from 5 to 5000 ml/min
  • Color touch screen navigation, easy programming
  • Continuous, timed, and intermittent sampling
  • Hands-free CalChek® calibration
  • High back pressure compensation
  • Powerful Li-Ion battery for long run times
  • Corrects flow for changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure
  • Screen protection and security
  • Ultra quiet

 Pocket Pump TOUCH (20 to 500 ml/min)


The new Pocket Pump TOUCH personal air sample pump provides low flows from 20 to 500 ml/min for gas and vapor sampling. Pocket Pump TOUCH features touch screen operation that feels like your cell phone, Bluetooth connectivity to PC and DataTrac Pro Software, powerful Li-Ion battery for 20-hour run times, exhaust port for bag sampling, USB charging, and more in a miniature pump that fits in your pocket. Pocket Pump TOUCH is UL Listed for intrinsic safety.


  • Easy touch screen operation and calibration
  • Constant flows from 20 to 500 ml/min
  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity with PC and DataTrac Pro Software
  • Large backlit display
  • Powerful Li-Ion battery for > 20-hour run times
  • Only 8.3 ounces (235 grams)
  • Multi-tube sampling — save time and use fewer pumps
  • Automatic flow fault and restart
  • Secure screen during sampling with auto-lock feature



Typically used with collecting devices such as:

  1. Sorbent sample tubes and Long-duration detector tubes for collecting most hazardous chemical gases and vapors from the air
  2. Cyclones for collecting respirable dust
  3. IOM samplers for collecting inhalable dust
  4. Filters for collecting total dust, asbestos, or chemical hazards
  5. Tedlar sample bags for collecting airborne chemical hazards
  6. Impingers for collecting reactive chemicals into liquids


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